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Secret Santas spread cheer in US

Some US citizens affected by the country’s financial crisis are having a difficult time celebrating Christmas without spending beyond their budgets. However, a few of them have already been paid a visit by so-called “secret Santas”, who have been paying off the balance on unsuspecting shoppers’ Christmas presents.

Watch the video

1. Listen out for the following vocabulary:

overwhelmed, owes, to pay off, thankful, tough, to forego, balance, recipient, generosity, to make sure, strangers, gone a long way

2. If you had $20,000 to spend on helping children in your country, how would you spend it?

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3 thoughts on “Activity of the Week

  1. Marie on said:

    It’s just like a Christmas tale !
    If I had $20,000 to spend on helping children, I would use it to organise language trips and send a few underprivilegded children abroad so that they get an apportunity to practise the foreign languages they’ve been learning at school and discover new countries and cultures.

  2. Sounds like a good plan, great way to broaden horizons.
    One tiny correction: Opportunity (a typo, I imagine!)

  3. Marie on said:

    oops ! Yes, a typo. Thanks Emily.

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