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Sumo wrestling tumbles back into form

Japan’s traditional sport of Sumo wrestling is trying to repair its bruised image.

Despite having weathered many scandals, including the death of a trainee – revelations of match fixing a year ago proved to be the tipping point.

Notwithstanding all the negative publicity, the first Grand Sumo tournament of the year has started in the capital Tokyo, and has already lured hundreds of eager fans still enamoured of the age-old past-time.

As the embodiment of Japanese culture wrestlers are expected to maintain their dignity and honour — both inside the ring and out.

Listen out for the following vocabulary:

reigning, appease, ward off, prayers, widespread, gambling, pride, embodiment, weathered, tipping point, angered, boycotting, expelled

What is your country’s national sport? Have there been any scandals?

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3 thoughts on “Activity of the Week

  1. Kampian on said:

    Our national sport is Boxing (Thai Boxing).

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