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A brainteaser (don’t google the answer!)

You are driving on your way to town A. You come to a fork in the road, each road going to a different town, but you’re not sure which goes to town A and which goes to town B.

You know that all the people from town A tell the truth, while all the people from the town B lie.

There is a man standing there, but you don’t know which town he comes from.

You can only ask him one question.

How do you make it to town A?

Update 14/03/2012 – ANSWER:

Point one way and say “Is that your hometown?” If it’s town A, the truthteller will be truthful and say “yes”; the liar will lie and say “yes” as well. If it’s town B, both the truthteller and liar will say “no”.

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11 thoughts on “Activity of the Week

  1. I have heard this before… but can’t remember what was the solution! and I don’t want to google it at the same it.. This is a tough one..

    One thing which I need to clarify,. I get to ask him only one general question. I mean any question I want?

  2. Eduardo on said:

    Hi everybody!
    I also have heard a similar situation, but it was in a prison with two doors and two men. I guess the solution in this question is a little bit similar. We can ask that man: ” If there was a man with you and I had asked him which road goes to town A, what had he said?” Then, after his answer we should take the opposite road he said.
    I guess. Difficult, but very nice!

  3. Yes I remember now! If there is a man with you from town B and I had asked him which road goes to town A, what he would have said? (I am not sure if the grammar is correct though)

    I would never ever think of this !!! very tricky 🙂

  4. Thank you Eduardo!! This was really driving me crazy!!

  5. Don’t get excited just yet!

    If you say to the man at the fork in the road: “If I had a man from town B with me what would he have said?” – you still don’t know if the answer the man at the fork in the road gives you is true or false….

    Keep trying! (don’t lose sleep over it, though 🙂 )

  6. Ahmad and Eduardo, I’ve updated the post with the answer (above)!

  7. marie on said:

    You’ve stumped me on that one although I’ve been told the story dozens of times ! I’ll have to ask my sons for the answer, I’m sure they remember it 🙂

  8. marie on said:

    … Hi Emily ! I’ve read the answer and …. I think it’s too much for a Friday : I need a new brain !

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