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Watch the videos, read the text, and answer the questions.

Palestinian septuagenarian shows her class

Arifeh Malaysheh is an elderly woman in the occupied West Bank who is determined to get an education, and who is going about it in a rather unusual way. Now aged somewhere in her 70s, nobody knows her exact age, her arrival in the schoolyard was at first the source of much amusement.

World’s oldest barber still snips away
Living to 100 is a milestone in itself, but one man in the US state of New York is still working, at the age of 101.

Who are the most inspiring elderly people you have met?

Can you imagine yourself working or studying when you are old?

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One thought on “Activity of the Week

  1. Eduardo on said:

    Great! It’s a gift and a blessing to get old with joy and interest for life. I know some old people who are completely active and full of vitality. I don’t know if I will be able to work or study happily when I am old. I hope it, but honesty, I don’t know. Life is a mystery!

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